Global Space and Technology Convention Workshop: Blockchain the Next Big Tech Disruptor in Space

Blockchain: The Next Big Tech Disruptor in Space

Organised in partnership with Singapore Space & Technology Association as part of GSTC 2020, our workshop “Blockchain: the Next Big Tech Disruptor in Space” was attended by over 25 delegates who gathered at Grand Hyatt Singapore on Feb 5 to learn more about new technologies that would impact the space industry. The attendees belonged to a wide range of industry segments, from satellite manufacturing to quantum communication and blockchain enterprise integrations.

SpaceChain’s Director of Operations, Alessandra Albano, provided a deep dive into the basics of blockchain technology for space industry professionals, and explored its many applications in other sectors including healthcare, finance and other industries. Check out her presentation slides here.

CEO Zee Zheng shared with the attendees SpaceChain’s mission and its progress towards realising a  Decentralised Satellite Infrastructure. We then gave everyone access to an exclusive preview of the new video showcasing our latest launch to the International Space Station. Watch part of Zee’s presentation here.

We moved on to the more interactive part of the workshop, with delegates divided into groups to discuss blockchain’s space applications in these areas: 

  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Cybersecurity and quantum technology
  • Data and AI
  • Payment and banking
  • Investment and other business opportunities. 

Here are the worksheets we used in the workshop, feel free to get in touch if you would like to explore this content directly with our team! 

It was an exciting session as delegates shared their views and engaged in friendly debates about potential applications and challenges of space and blockchain, and how the combination of these technologies would bring innovation to these sectors.

The session ended with an excellent lineup of panellists who shared their expert insights and ideas about the various technologies that would disrupt the space sector. The discussion was moderated by Alfred Siew, editor and founder of and the panel included:

Special thanks to the Singapore Space Technology Association for co-organising the workshop, and the moderator and panellists for their participation. 

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