From the drawing board into space

SpaceChain is helping humanity advance in the coming space age by allowing consumers and businesses to collaborate on a collective and open-source platform that spans the entire space industry.

The secure platform helps increase engagement in outer space activities while increasing knowledge-sharing and discovery processes across the industry.

Leveraging the Qtum network

SpaceChain leverages on blockchain technology to create a decentralized environment that allows the building of open-source applications on spacecrafts.

SpaceChain’s first launch of its blockchain node into space via satellite in partnership with Qtum takes advantage of new-age technologies to create a distributed application layer. Its platform features data collection, computing, applications, and storage capabilities, as well as provides for secure data storage in space through advanced technologies.

The choice to adopt Qtum comes from its low power consumption that is introduced by a POS (proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism, stability and expansion capabilities, all allowing developers to explore and introduce new technologies efficiently.

SpaceChain OS is developed on Qtum’s basic service API to provide the main blockchain app sandbox. This provides developers all over in the world with a platform to build and publish their applications on SpaceChain’s satellite.

Various blockchain companies will also be able to leverage on the SpaceChain OS to enhance their projects.

This sandbox creates an environment for those who have some smart contract development or android/iOS development experience to design their own apps on the satellite. Using the blockchain app sandbox is also perfect for them because it provides a safe environment for development and testing.

SpaceChain believes that when more developers are able to publish their apps and consumers are able to access it, it accelerates the growth of the space industry.

The big picture

SpaceChain brings several advantages for humanity in the coming space age in several ways.

Firstly, it offers space strengthened hardware capabilities and security with programs operated at the unshakeable and completely public blockchain layer.

SpaceChain is a conducive platform for the general public, organizations, and businesses to access, build and interact as they do on the Internet. And, very much like the Internet ecosystem, this creates an inclusive community that will expedite advancements considerably. The industry is able to benefit from co-operation between different countries, strengthening the industry’s discovery process and facilitating technological progress.

From a business perspective, space exploration will no longer be limited to the governmental level, allowing different companies to participate due to increased accessibility and lower costs.

With the successful launch of two space nodes in 2018, the company has moved closer towards its goal of becoming a community-based space platform.

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