Whether you are a blockchain/crypto enthusiast, developer, investor, student, or a space enthusiast, there are many ways you can get involved with SpaceChain.

Community Initiatives

Activities and rewards:

We’ll announce these on our various social media platforms so keep your eyes peeled for airdrops and bounty programs.

Technical fellowship program:

If you’re a student or recent graduate who is keen on learning more about SpaceChain OS and developing applications on it, consider applying for our technical fellowship program. Check back for more updates.

Student ambassador program:

If you are a student who shares our vision and believes in our goals, join us as a student ambassador. You’ll get exclusive project insights, hands-on experience, early access to the latest news and a direct connection to our team. More details coming soon.


We’re inviting and bringing together talented people, such as programmers, business development professionals and project managers, to innovate and show us their custom solutions for real challenges that are facing us today. If you feel like you’ve got the skills to create something great, we’d love to have you compete as well. Come collaborate with like-minded individuals and hack your way to great prizes provided by our sponsors! Stay tuned for more updates.


SpaceChain has built a decentralized platform for space and satellite-based application development, where its token serves as a method of payment for access to applications built and utilized on the platform. Our SPC token is utilized in the SpaceChain ecosystem in the same way that payments are transferred digitally online.
In addition, SpaceChain has adopted a dual token model – ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to expand our footprint and engage with additional communities of developers. The QRC-20 SPC token and ERC-20 SPC token have a 1:1 swap exchange rate.The token supply that will be circulating will remain 1,000,000,000 SPC. The QRC-20 SPC and ERC-20 SPC will remain interchangeable by using authorized wallet services.

How to swap your SPC tokens from QRC-20 to ERC-20

If you choose to swap your SPC tokens from QRC-20 to ERC-20, see below for details on when the swap will take place on QBao Wallet as well as these exchanges: Coinnest and EXX.

Participants Holders of QRC-20 SPC
Swap Exchange Rate QRC-20 SPC : ERC-20 SPC = 1:1

After the swap, Coinnest and EXX will begin to trade ERC-20 SPC tokens while HitBTC and Exrates will continue trading QRC-20 SPC tokens

You can swap your tokens through either of these methods:


Token swap process start time/date

September 14, 2018 (11:59 AM, UTC+8)

Token swap process end time/date

September 17, 2018 (11:59 AM, UTC+8)

Supporting Exchanges



Deposit your QRC-20 SPC to exchanges prior to 11:59 AM (UTC+8) on Sept 14 (Friday). The swap will take place automatically.

All SPC deposits and withdrawals through exchanges will be suspended at 11:59 AM (UTC+8) on Sept 14 (Friday). Do not deposit any tokens at the original address after that time.

SPC deposits and withdrawals will resume at 11:59 AM (UTC+8) on Sept 17 (Monday) after the main network has been switched over. Please check the individual exchanges for when they will resume trading after the token swap. Those announcements will be made on their official channels.

Exchanges will only support deposits and withdrawals of ERC-20 SPC after the swap. Deposit and withdrawal at the old SPC address will not be available. For your asset security, please make sure that you are entering the Ethereum address when depositing or withdrawing.


Token swap process start time/date

September 14, 2018 (11:59 AM, UTC+8)

QBag, a centralized wallet on QBao Network, will be supporting the SPC swap from Sept 14, 2018. This swap channel is available in the long term and users can swap on QBag at any time. However, you will need to perform the swap yourself. For instructions, please refer to the image below.

SPC Token Cross-chain Exchange Steps
(needed update to Qbao Network v3.5)

First Step:
Deposit SPC Token to Qbag

Second Step:
Click the cross-chain exchange
button under SPC menu

Third Step:
Enter the token amount needed

Fourth Step:
Switch to ETH menu under QBag

SpaceChain Token Model

Dual token swaps that enable easy access to services on Ethereum or Qtum
Smart Contract

57931faffdec114056a49adfcaa1caac159a1a25 (on Qtum)


0x8069080a922834460c3a092fb2c1510224dc066b (on ETH)


Visit Explorer

If you have any questions regarding the swap, please email info@spacechain.com and

a SpaceChain team member will contact you shortly.

Trade SPC

Trade SPC tokens through these cryptocurrency exchanges. For details about
SpaceChain’s circulating supply, total supply, volume and market cap, visit

SPC Tokens will be traded on the following exchanges in the following formats:


(ERC-20 SPC)


(QRC-20 SPC)


You can store your SPC using these wallets
(ERC-20 SPC)
(QRC-20 SPC)

SpaceChain Services

Apply for a license to use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on our embedded real-time operating system SpaceChain OS that can be used in the aerospace field.
Store data on the space node.
Obtain an open-source embedded hardware system that’s pre-install with SpaceChain OS for application development.

All services mentioned above will be paid with/for in SPC tokens.. If you
are interested in any of these services, send us an email at
info@spacechain.com with the service you wish to acquire.

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