SpaceChain becomes a member of the prestigious International Astronautical Federation 

SpaceChain is thrilled to announce its new membership in the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). The IAF was founded in 1951 when scientists from the field of space research gathered in an attempt to ensure a constant dialogue between the space-faring nations, regardless of political backdrops. 

The IAF’s International Astronautical Congress and various IAF committees provide unique collaborative platforms for experts from space agencies, industry and research; building a future of cooperation, development and international friendship while bringing together experts from experienced and emerging space nations alike. IAF continues to build one of the largest worldwide networks of space experts and decision-makers.

“We are very excited to be part of such an esteemed organisation built on the idea that space exploration and industry should be for all nations and that cooperation is the key for building the new space economy, ” said Zee Zheng, SpaceChain’s chief executive officer and co-founder.

SpaceChain was officially accepted as a member at the IAF General Assembly that took place in Washington D.C., during the 70th International Astronautical Congress in October 2019. SpaceChain is one of 41 new member organizations, bringing the total membership count to 397, representing 69 countries. 


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