New Partnership with Satellite Applications Catapult

We are very excited to announce that SpaceChain has partnered with Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC), an independent innovation and technology company created by Innovate UK, to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space. Together the two companies are focusing on realizing the potential of new satellite infrastructure and its applications. The Satellite Applications Catapult offices in Harwell, Oxfordshire, will be SpaceChain’s new base of operations for the European Union.

“This partnership enables easier collaboration with space companies in Europe, like United Kingdom Space Agency and Europe Space Agency, as well as for SpaceChain to receive support for research and development. We are excited to get access to the Space Ecosystem in Europe,” said Zee Zheng, Co-founder of SpaceChain. 

Over the past four years, SAC has carried out over 140 collaborative and commercial projects, opened five regional Centres of Excellence across the UK, and held 128 workshops. SAC provides a unique innovation environment for the UK satellite applications sector, and together we hope to make great strides in creating the new space economy.

Here’s a video about the SAC:

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