Realizing the opportunities of
blockchain technology for the space sector

It was an exciting day for our foundation on Feb 28 as more than 60 space professionals from all over UK attended the Blockchain for Space event organized by SpaceChain and Satellite Applications Catapult.

Themed Realising the Opportunities of Blockchain Technology for the Space Sector, the event brought together space sector specialist, blockchain companies, commercial organizations and academic researchers to explore the potential of blockchain technologies and its applications for commercial space problems.

Our co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng gave a presentation about blockchain technology and how to apply it into space. They shared about SpaceChain’s goals, achievments and hopes for  more space companies to get involved in blockchain.

Dr. Robert M. Learney, lead technologiest of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at Digital Catapult, also gave an overiew of the current UK market and trends for blockchain technologies.

There were showcases by blockchain companies Trade in Space, Spacebit and Flyingcarpet Network as well as a panel Q&A about how to apply blockchain in the space sector and where the synergies lie between the two sectors.

After lunch, attendees took part in the workshop sessions to discuss the challenges faced by the supply chain, satellite industry and healthcare sectors, and how they can be resolved using blockchain technology.

The event concluded with a funding opportunities presentation by UK Ambassador Platform Network Coordinator at European Space Agency (ESA), Ian Downey, who shared about the ESA Business Applications – Blockchain Kick Start Opportunity.

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