Blockchain expert Alessandra Albano joins SpaceChain

We’re happy to share that Alessandra Albano is now part of SpaceChain’s executive team coming on board as the new Director of Operations.



Alessandra has been advising blockchain projects since 2017. She’s joining SpaceChain after having been COO of DEX, a decentralised data exchange, and having been part of the founding team at Ocean Protocol, in charge its ecosystem growth and operations.

Oxford Said Business School and INSEAD executive programs alumna, Alessandra specialises in sustainable growth strategies and operational excellence. She brings with her a wealth of experience in managing high-value contracts and large-scale teams in different sectors and at global level.

As one of the pioneers in tokenization, she is an established thought leader in ecosystem growth, she’s a published author and the founder of, a company that advises traditional companies on incorporating tokenization in their business model through incremental innovation.

Boasting more than a decade of experience in leading operations and marketing between Europe, India and Asia, Alessandra will be in charge of SpaceChain’s global operations and strategy, and will lead its ecosystem growth.

Keen to champion more diversity in the space and blockchain sectors, Alessandra is an advocate for women in leadership roles in STEM, a mentor and a speaker for SHE Blockchainers Asia.

Come say ‘Hi’ to her via Twitter @alessandrachha1 and follow her on Medium.


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