SpaceChain Weekly Report (January 13 to 19)

Director of Operations Alessandra is heading to Bangalore, India. The technical team is leading with more tests to ensure the wallet is operational.



Alessandra in Bangalore, India

SpaceChain Director of Operations Alessandra Albano will be in Bangalore, India from Friday, Jan 24 till Monday, Jan 27 (both days in full). 

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Infographic on first bitcoin transaction in space

In the upcoming weeks, SpaceChain will be performing the first ever Bitcoin transaction in space. Here is an infographic that will answer some of your questions pertaining to this historical moment!

Please stay tuned for more and follow our Twitter account to keep up to date if you would like to follow this milestone closely!

Worth reading

Technology entrepreneur Ben Lamm outlines three space opportunities, and take a look at the disruptive potential of low Earth orbit constellations, and how they are a concern for the mainstream industry leaders



SpaceChain server developments

This week, our technical team performed a comprehensive on-orbit test on the wallet initialization, user identity verification, and client server initialization. All the tests are ongoing.   


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