SpaceChain Weekly Report (January 20 to 26)

Happy Lunar New Year! SpaceChain is gearing up for our blockchain workshop and GSTC 2020 conference next week, more information in this week’s report.


The technical team is taking a two-week break in celebration of the Chinese New Year! They’ll be back with more progress and reports later in February.

Blockchain Workshop 

SpaceChain, in partnership with Singapore Space and Technology Association, is holding a workshop on Feb 5 at the Global Space and Technology Convention. SpaceChain’s satellite blockchain technology is designed to bring more security to the transmission of digital currencies and smart contracts by using a distributed satellite network and multi-signature transactions. SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng and CTO Jeff Garzik will be sharing more about SpaceChain, its blockchain technology and possible use cases.

To sign up for the workshop, register here!



Worth reading

Read up on how space has shifted from a place to “go” to a place to do business, and why the European Commission is boosting the European space sector with EUR 200 million of investment.



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