SpaceChain Weekly Report (April 1 to 7)

The SpaceChain team continues working on the new generation blockchain space node, collecting telemetry data for further testing. 


Blockchain node in space

The team has completed the selection of telemetry data for the space node. Telemetry data refers to a set of data information that reflects the working state of a node. For the hardware, it is important to select the key voltage and current values ​​on the board, as well as the temperature value.

For the system side, we need to select the number of system restarts, system time, and business-related parameters. During the mission, the ground station can monitor the working status and health of the node by acquiring the node’s telemetry information. After completing the request response, data collection and transmission functions of the telemetry information, the team will conduct another round of testing on the on-board software.

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