SpaceChain Weekly Report (April 15 to 21)

We take a look at what the team has achieved as of March 2019 and possible use cases for blockchain technology and satellite connectivity. The tech team has also updated the new generation space node telemetry remote control command.



    • Given blockchain’s disruptive nature across many sectors from education to finance, there are many potential use cases involving blockchain technology and satellite connectivity. At the recent SpaceChain workshop in the UK held with Satellite Applications Catapult, we had a brainstorm session with attendees on this. Here are some of the most interesting use cases.


    • Yes, you could be part of the space industry. Find out how SpaceChain is making space for everyone with its open-source blockchain-based satellite network. Read more here.

    • These are exciting times. Here’s an overview of what SpaceChain has done as of March 2019. We’re working hard to fulfill our vision. Come support us in our mission of building the world’s first open-source blockchain-based satellite network that lets users develop & run decentralized applications in space. Get the latest updates of our progress here.


Blockchain node in space

  • The team has updated some of the telemetry remote commands of the space node.
  • The previous telemetry acquisition mechanism has also been revised.
  • The cyclic storage and downlink function of the telemetry record has been added.
  • The ground station can obtain the latest 40 telemetry records of the space node through the telemetry recording and downlink command.
  • The retransmission mechanism of the signature result data has been added.
  • When the local station fails to obtain the signature result data for the first time, the signature result data retransmission instruction can be used to obtain the previous data of signature result again in the next transit.

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