SpaceChain Weekly Report (April 29 to May 5)

This week, we published the next two videos of our Introducing SpaceChain series. There’s also an article about how SpaceChain made its vision into a reality. Additionally, CEO Zee Zheng attended Draper University’s 2019 Spring Pitch and met with Tim Draper for an exclusive interview. Plus, check out our infographic about the history of satellite technology. Over at the tech department, the team continues to design the next generation of the space node on-orbit key generation function.



We have posted the 3rd and 4th videos from our 5-part series “Introducing SpaceChain”, where CEO Zee Zheng shares more about our vision and goals.

The 3rd video focuses on how SpaceChain applied blockchain economics to a space business model and launched 2 blockchain-enabled satellite payloads in a year. Check it out here.

In the 4th video, Zee explains about the SpaceChain OS, our space hardware and why we integrate with other chains like Qtum and Ethereum. Watch it here.

On May 1, Zee attended the Spring 2019 Pitch Day at Draper University. Held at Hero City, the event saw more than 200 guests, including investors and mentors, and 60 startups from over 24 countries gathering together to network and share their pitches.

“This year, the pitches featured a lot of VR/AR, ridesharing outside of the US and education projects. Overall, this batch seems to be quite focussed on AI and blockchain technology,” said Zee, who is a Draper University alumnus.

Zee also had the chance to catch up with SpaceChain advisor Tim Draper. He shared with him about the projects latest progress and chatted with him about the commercial space industry.

Look out for the video as Zee gives us a tour of Draper University and Hero City. There’s also an interview with Tim. Stay tuned.

From the Drawing Board into Space

SpaceChain is helping humanity advance in the coming space age by allowing consumers and businesses to collaborate on a collective and open-source platform that spans the entire space industry. The secure platform helps increase engagement in outer space activities while increasing knowledge-sharing and discovery processes across the industry. Read the full story here.

Happy International Space Day!

Held annually on the first Friday in May, this one-day event is dedicated to the amazing achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. It also promotes the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education among young people. It encourages them to pursue a career in science, especially one related to space.

In celebration of International Space Day, SpaceChain has created an infographic to commemorate the history of satellite technology. And, of course, we’re part of it! Click here to see the full graphic.


Blockchain node in space

  • The team has completed the feasibility verification of generating space node’s on-orbit key seed.
  • The on-orbit key generation implies that after the space node is in orbit, the user can use remote command to generate the key seed required for generating the multi-sign wallet and the public key is transmitted. It ensures that the whole process of generating the satellite signature private key and using the signature to sign is completed in space. This prevents any security risks of generating the key seed on the ground.
  • We are currently working on the design of the specific telemetry remote command..

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