SpaceChain Weekly Report (August 5 to 11)

SpaceChain co-founder Jeff Garzik talks about the complexities of developing new technology. Read the last of the 3-part Tim Draper blog series. Plus, the tech team performs stability test on the new-generation space node USB device.


Launching satellites into space takes months and months, even years of preparation. SpaceChain co-founder Jeff Garzik further explains that exporting and publishing new technology requires strict observance of the rules set by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). 

Jeff Garzik explains in this video that there are tons of administrative work that need to be done when releasing new space technology. Regardless if it is public and without any secrets, any new technology still requires permission.

It’s no longer just the quest to discover other planets but advancement in technology, Tim Draper believes, could push humankind into settling on other planets.

Space is infinite as far as we know. It may be impossible to explore its entirety. But what is indeed possible is the fact that humans could potentially live on other planets, thanks to technological advancement. Read full article here.




Blockchain node in space

    • The team performs stability test on the new generation space node USB device. This task uses the USB-Ethernet interface of space node as the main communication interface.
    • In order to prevent the situation of USB device being not recognizable by the control PC after the space node restarts due to hardware failure or unexpected power failure, the team decided to perform stability test on the USB communication interface of the space node.
    • The team have checked whether the USB device has a fault in case of accidental power failure as well as whether the system service responsible for initializing and configuring the USB device can operate normally in case of unexpected power failure restart.
    • At present, the team has completed the test flow design of the USB communication interface. The two sets of hardware will be tested simultaneously after confirmation.

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