SpaceChain Weekly Report (Dec 10 to 16)

This week, we share some new content we’ve updated on our website including our timeline. Plus, the team was in China attending the 13th UK China space conference. We’ve also made good progress on our blockchain node in space, the SpaceChain OS and our hardware.


  • SpaceChain has released its timeline so you can check what we’ve achieved the past year.
  • For media professionals, do check out our media kit on our “contact us” page.
  • From Dec 10 to 13, Nick from the Business Development team attended the 13th UK China space conference in Ningbo and gave a speech on Chinese space policy.
Organized by UK Space Agency and China National Space Administration, the conference was attended by distinguished guests such as Mr Tian Yulong, the Vice Administrator of the China National Space Administration, and Sir Martin Sweeting, Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technologies. Organizations and companies present included RAL Space, UK Department of International Trade, Open Cosmos, Beihang University, Oxford Instruments, Landspace, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and Airbus.


  • Blockchain node in space 

After a week of internal testing, the team is launching the Windows and Linux versions of the SpaceChain multi-signatures Qtum client. The supporting manual will be uploaded on GitHub once translation of the documents has been completed. The team will also continue to update the client’s source code on GitHub.

The previous space node test has shown to be normal. After we have finished the development of the user interface on the website, users can apply for the multi-signature node public key to participate in the space multi-signature experiment.

  • SpaceChain OS 

The team has evaluated the Ethereum Light Node on the Zynq Architecture Development Board. The purpose of the test is to evaluate whether the performance of the current Zynq7000 architecture can meet the performance requirements of light node operation and the amount of network data that the light node is running. The current test is conducted on a private chain built by the team. The node functions test is still in progress.

The Zynq7000 architecture is currently the main focus of the team’s hardware research in the space node. The specific scheme of developing Ethereum nodes is still under discussion.

  • SpaceChain Hardware 

The H3 hardware wallet’s related files have been uploaded on GitHub. In addition to the original online wallet project, we have built an offline multi-signature hardware project. This week, we have written the software for the multi-signature satellite wallet of the H3 hardware. The basic functions of the software have been completed and bugs are being revised.

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