SpaceChain Weekly Report (December 23 to 29)

Catch Zee’s video about the launch and join our blockchain workshop in Singapore. This week, the tech team has been working on the SpaceChain server to update user manuals, perform testing and safeguard the client servers. 


Qbao token swap

Last week, there was a brief downtime but Qbao has resumed its services to help swap our SPC-QRC to SPC-ERC tokens. Moving forward, this will be the only swap transfer they will perform. Swaps from SPC-ERC to SPC-QRC tokens will not longer be available.

We highly encourage the community to swap their SPC tokens from QRC to ERC as soon as possible in case of disruption of services in future.

SpaceChain is looking for a new team member

We’re growing our team in Singapore and looking for a Business Development Manager to lead our business development. We need someone with experience in pitching deep tech products and services, and who understands the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Will you be the one? Do you know anyone who could be a good fit? Send your resume and cover letter to



CEO’s special message

Check out this video from Zee about the latest launch. SpaceChain truly appreciate the community’s constant support and we feel very privileged to have a great community behind us every step of the way. 

In the news in Bangkok

Krungthep Turakij (also known as Bangkok Business News), Thailand’s leading business newspaper, sat down with CEO Zee Zheng for an exclusive interview on reinventing the business financial model with space and blockchain technologies, the company’s next milestone, and why he has his eyes set on Thailand. Click here to read more.


Blockchain workshop

SpaceChain is thrilled to be hosting a blockchain workshop together with Singapore Space and Technology Association on Feb 5, 2020. So if you’re in Singapore for the Global Space & Technology Convention (GSTC) 2020 on Feb 6 and 7, do join us for the workshop to learn more about the applications of blockchain to the space industry and how we are building the new space economy. More details here. For tickets to GSTC, click here.


The technical team has solved some issues on the SpaceChain server.

  1. Finished drafting the user manuals for installing corporate client server and the server deployment.
  2. Completed the tests of installing the wallet application under Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
  3. Added an additional isolation layer among individual users. Thus, all the corporate client servers cannot access each other. So even if a single client server is attacked, other client servers remain safe.
  4. Completed tests on a single corporate client server. This week, we completed tests involving multiple corporate clients and multiple corporate client servers.        


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