SpaceChain Weekly Report (Dec 24 to 30)

This week, we have updates from Nick on our business development team, and our weekly technical updates.


Nick from our business development team visiting our friends in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Meeting our friends at SpacePharma.

At the Norman and Helen Asher Space Research Institute.


* Blockchain node in space

Completion of the Multi Signature Service Experiment Manual

This week we’ve translated the 1.0 version of the Multi Signature Service Experiment Manual.The team is in the process of a final proofreading and typesetting. When this is completed, the team will upload it to SpaceChain’s GitHub with the Chinese version.


* SpaceChain OS  development

The ETH node offline signature experiment
The function test of the ETH node has been executed on the aerospace hardware embedded platform architecture as planned. This week, the team encountered problems when operating the multi-signature transaction signatures in the offline state of the ETH node. The client will make mistakes when calling the signature interface. Currently these specific problems are being investigated. After realizing the offline signature of the node, the team will continue to complete the development of the signature node as planned.

* SpaceChain hardware 

This week, the team has been still working on the offline multi-signature hardware wallet project. Currently, many technical problems encountered in the engineering prototype have been resolved and the project documents are being created. While summarizing documents, we discovered that using public keys are not the most effective way for our users. Currently, the team is discussing this issue and will modify the software as necessary.

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