SpaceChain Weekly Report (Dec 31 to Jan 6)

Happy 2019 to the SpaceChain community! To kickstart the New Year, we highlight what the tech team has been working on and give you a peek behind the scenes.


* SpaceChain OS  development

This week, the team continued working on the Ethereum multi-signature offline transaction node scheme design. Presently, they have finished the splitting of the signature part in the multi-signature contract interface call process.

The Ethereum multi-signature wallet is done via smart contract. When the outbound transaction amount for a single day from the multi-signature wallet reaches the daily limit, the transaction will need to be signed by several owners of the wallet. The wallet owner needs to call the confirm interface of the multi-signature wallet contract to confirm the transaction. Calling the contract interface is implemented by transferring funds to the contract account address.

The team is in the process of splitting the signature part of the transaction when calling the contract interface, adding the security interface and finishing it at the offline condition.

Check out these pictures of the team hard at work.

Our engineers testing the SpaceChain node satellite boards’ electrical signals and debugging its software.
A close-up picture of the SpaceChain board that was on the node launched into space on October 25, 2018.
Side profile of the board.
After loading the SpaceChain operating system, the system underwent a multi-signature wallet transfer stress test. The team worked tirelessly 24/7 for two weeks on these tests.

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