SpaceChain Weekly Report (December 9 to 15)

Learn more about our Bitcoin multisig payload and catch Zee’s video interview with CoinDesk.  Plus, the tech team has drafted user manuals and upgraded the SpaceChain server.


Technical Summary of CRS-19 ISS mission

Over the past year, we have been focusing on creating and getting our payload on the International Space Station (ISS), but what are we hoping to achieve in this launch? This article will give you an understanding of the capabilities of the Bitcoin multisig payload. 

Delisting of SPC/BTC trading pair on CoinEgg

On Nov 30, 2019, the SPC/BTC trading pair was effectively delisted on CoinEgg. The deposit for SPC has been disabled, and investors are highly recommended to withdraw their SPC to a personal wallet or transfer to other exchanges such as Bittrex or Upbit by Dec 30, 2019. Read more here.



CoinDesk Exclusive video interview with Zee

Danny Nelson from CoinDesk sneaked in an interview with Zee before the launch, where he went through questions such as the operational duration of the payload and advantages of a payload in space over traditional land-based ones.

More media articles

We have more articles from Via Satellite & SpaceTech Asia earlier this week. Do check out their websites as well for relevant space technologies and innovations news as well!



Upgrading SpaceChain server iterations and drafting user manual

In order to increase the maintainability and scalability of SpaceChain server, the technical team has upgraded the server iterations.

Our technical team is also drafting the user manual for the client users to register accounts, deploy and test the SpaceChain server. Furthermore, the user manual will be useful for performing the on-orbit tests for our ISS space node.   


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