SpaceChain Weekly Report (Feb 11 to 17)

The technical team is back from the holiday break and has updates on the operating system and hardware, while CEO Zee Zheng was busy this week attending the Global Space & Technology Convention in Singapore.


  • Earlier this week, Adrian and Ajeeth from NanoRacks visited our Singapore office for an in-depth discussion with SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng.

    Zee showing off a book he received from the team and signed by NanoRacks CEO and SpaceChain advisor Jeffrey Manber.


  • From Feb 14 to 15, Zee attended the 11th Global Space & Technology Convention (GSTC) in Singapore to find out what’s hot in the satellite scene and get updates on the latest space technology. Themed Pushing the Innovation Frontier, this year’s event features topics such as emerging satellite technologies in communications, cybersecurity for satcomm systems, Quantum key distribution for the finance industry, and access to capital in space industry.


    As Asia’s premier space and technology event, GSTC also highlights how space technology will shape the future of space. Some of the speakers included Alex da Silva Curiel, head of international business development at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, and Serge Taride, senior business development manager for observation systems and application at Thales Alenia Space.

    It is an ideal event for industry professionals to connect with the space sector and explore Asian opportunities as well as meet new business partners.

    “It was a great conference. I got to network with many industry professionals and learn more about what’s happening in the space arena. It was also interesting to hear what others are doing and see if we can collaborate with one another,” said Zee Zheng.

    Here are some pix from the two-day conference.


  • OS development work

Successful feasibility verification of Electrum wallet satellite node platform offline signature scheme.

Our team has finished the feasibility verification of Electrum wallet satellite node platform offline signature. The transaction is initiated by user, during which two to three multi-signature wallets are manipulated to make a transaction to another user and the first signature is finished. The transaction is then exported and sent to satellite node for the second signature. The overall work flow has been accomplished, and our team is discussing the security mechanism for optimization.

Due to the lightweight nature of the Electrum client, users can use it directly without having to download huge amounts of block data. Combined with satellite nodes, it provides users with a more convenient and easy-to-use space multi-sign secure payment solution.

  • SpaceChain hardware

Our team continues to design the architecture of the multi-signature satellite wallet. Multi-signature scheme is introduced after the completion of the satellite wallet. Based on the analysis and discussion of the current version of design plan, we have decided the development target and work flow by sections. Presently, the working route has been drafted, and we are discussing in detail.

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