SpaceChain Weekly Report (Feb 25 to March 3)

The team was in UK this week to catch up with potential space partners and present at the Blockchain for Space event. Additionally, the prototype design of a new generation of satellite node technology has been completed.


On Feb 28, SpaceChain co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng attended the Blockchain for Space event in Harwell, UK. The event was organized in collaboration with SpaceChain and Satellite Applications Catapult to explore blockchain technologies and applications for commercial space problems.

Themed “Realising the Opportunities of Blockchain Technology for the Space Sector”, the event drew over 60 space professionals from all over UK. It was a great session of sharing, networking and brainstorming.

Jeff and Zee also did a presentation about SpaceChain and shared more about applying blockchain to space, hoping that more space companies will join them in integrating blockchain in to their business.

Read more about what happened at the event here.




  • Space OS

The team has completed the prototype design of multi-signature service technology of the satellite Electrum client. The overall architecture consists of three parts: The Electrotum satellite plug-in service, the ground server, and the satellite node.

The satellite plug-in is responsible for the interaction between the Electrum client and the ground server. After the plug-in is integrated, the user can create a satellite multi-signature wallet through the graphical interface on the Electrum client and request satellite signature confirmation during the transfer transaction.

All important operations are confirmed by sending email verification to users and then executed. The ground server is responsible for processing the request sent by the client and forwarding the user transaction to the ground station for uploading the satellite node. After the satellite node signs, the transaction is delivered to the server and broadcast to the public network.

Presently, the overall service plan has been finished, and specific communication protocols between modules are being confirmed.

  • SpaceChain hardware 

The team has also completed the Electrum wallet and tested multi-signature transactions under the satellite link. The multi-signature transaction script is sent from the computer, forwarded to the mobile satellite receiver via the intermediate server, and then broadcasted and posted to the public network after signing, completing a transaction. The relevant documents have been finished.

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