SpaceChain Weekly Report (Jan 14 to 20, 2019)

SpaceChain has completed the first Qtum blockchain transaction in space. Plus, catch up on our technical progress for the past week.


After months of physical testing and a successful launch in October 2018, we have completed the first transaction with our space-based blockchain node. Since the launch on October 25, 2018, the team has run a number of connectivity tests to ensure the node’s full operational capability. During these tests, the node’s signal was detected and transaction data has been uploaded to the node to complete the signature and then downloaded via the ground station, and finally verified on the blockchain network. The transaction verification information can be found here.

Space is not an easy place to be. The cosmic background temperature of space is -270 (-455°F) with a fluctuation of hundreds of degrees. Equipment is also bombarded with radiation in the form of solar radiation, trapped radiation, and Galactic Cosmic Rays. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the violent vibration and gravitational forces of launching rockets would simply shake regular equipment to pieces. We have spent the last year testing  our node for all these conditions and are proud to say that the node passed all of these tests with ease. You can see a summary here and the full physical testing report here.

In 2018, we launched two space-based blockchain nodes and you can track our second node as it orbits the earth in real time.


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Blockchain node in space

  • Space node full-process transaction test.

This week, the team conducted a full-process experiment on the multi-signature transaction of space node. The experiment simulates the entire process of users applying for services, creating transactions, applying for signatures, and broadcasting transactions. From the overall experimental process and ground monitoring data, the current status of the space node is normal. The specific transaction information and data for this test are being compiled.

SpaceChain hardware 

This week, the team completed the technical design of the mobile satellite payment system based on the Quanzhi hardware platform. The current prototype can complete the entire process from scanning a QR code to a broadcast transfer transaction.

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