SpaceChain Weekly Report (Jan 21 to 27)

Last week, the founders attended the Binance Blockchain Week and held an AMA together. There has also been progress on our SpaceChain OS and hardware.


SpaceChain is proud to have launched two nodes in our first year of operations, bringing us one step closer to creating a network of blockchain-based satellites in space. Read what the media had to say:


  • Space is not an easy place to be, yet our SpaceChain blockchain node “survived” and passed all the tests. Read more about it here!
  • On Jan 24/25, SpaceChain held an AMA on Telegram with its founders’ Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng. We’ll be compiling the questions and answers. Look out for it this week.
  • From Jan 19 to 22, founders’ Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng, as well as advisor Matt Roszak attended the Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore. Focusing on the sustainable growth of the blockchain ecosystem, the Binance Conference saw some of the most extraordinary minds in the blockchain space gather to discuss current industry trends, hot topics and innovative solutions to explore development of the blockchain ecosystem. Attendees also had the opportunity to gain exclusive insights from more than 50 influential speakers and senior management of Binance and industry leaders, which included Jeff Garzik who gave a presentation about a new way to build our decentralized, autonomous future.


SpaceChain OS

Ongoing porting of the satellite node Electrum Client.
Our team is currently performing the onging task for porting the Electrum client to the ZYNQ architecture embedded device adopted by the satellite node. Bitcoin Electrotum is a lightweight wallet client that uses Two-Factor Authentication to increase the overall security of the wallet by adding verification procedures. Our team is combining the Electrum client and satellite node to provide users a more secure payment procedure for Bitcoin.

SpaceChain hardware

This week, our team has combed the technical document of the all-logging platform satellite wallet project. The specific function points and technical details of the wallet were refined, and an outline of the user manual was drafted.

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