SpaceChain Weekly Report (Jan 28 to Feb 3)

The Arch Mission Foundation and SpaceChain create Orbital Library™ – the first archive in space! We’ve also been listed on CPDAX exchange. Plus, check out what we’ve achieved in 2018 in our Year in Review.


As we start the new year, we wanted to chronicle some of our major milestones and accomplishments of 2018. From developing our own open-source hardware and launching two nodes into space to coding an open-source operating system, the team has achieved amazing things last year. 

See what you’ve helped us achieve in 2018 in our Year in Review.

We are looking forward to a phenomenal 2019 and are glad you are on this journey with us! Each new accomplishment brings SpaceChain’s vision – to remove barriers and allow a global community to access and collaborate in space – one step closer to reality.


  • The Arch Mission Foundation has successfully placed the first archive in space in partnership with SpaceChain. The archive, called the Orbital Library™, initially contains a copy of Wikipedia and was launched as part of SpaceChain’s payload sent by a CZ-4B Y34 rocket from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre, Xinzhou, China in October 2018. Read the full press release here.

  • SpaceChain’s SPC token is now tradable on CPDAX (Coinplug Digital Asset Exchange), a digital asset exchange launched by Coinplug in 2017.  CPDAX lists SpaceChain’s Ethereum-based SPC ERC-20 tokens and offers South Korean Won fiat pairing – SPC/KRW. Click here to read more.


  • Be sure to take part in the SpaceChain events organized by CPDAX here.


  • Blockchain tech heads to space – including SpaceChain! Read about it in this article by Crypto Insider.


  • Missed the SpaceChain AMA held on Jan 24 with Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng? No worries, we’ve compiled all the questions and answers here.


The technical team is taking a two week break in celebration of the Chinese New Year! They’ll be back with more progress and reports later in February.

Check out our weekly report every Monday for SpaceChain’s latest news and progress.

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