SpaceChain Weekly Report (Jan 7 to 13)

Last week, the tech team focused on the SpaceChain OS development work, completing the Ethereum multi-signature wallet offline signature process feasibility verification.


* SpaceChain OS 

The team has completed the verification of the Ethereum multi-signature wallet offline signature process feasibility where a 2-3 multi-signature wallet that is owned by three Ethereum users has been created. One of its nodes is the offline signature nodes –split into the online chain monitoring module and offline signature module.

The monitoring module on the chain is an online node that is responsible for triggering event for synchronizing the public chain block and monitoring the multi-signature wallet contract without the function of signature. The offline signature module stores the private key information of the account that is responsible for the signature. It is running in an embedded device in the Zynq architecture to simulate the operating environment of a space node, however, it cannot be connected to the internet.

When the monitoring module monitors the transaction confirmation trigger event on the multi-signature wallet contract, the event data is acquired and the pending transaction is generated and transmitted to the signature node. After the signature node signs, the transaction is transmitted back to the monitoring node, and the monitoring node broadcasts and completes the confirmation of the transaction.

Due to the ongoing Ethereum forks, the team is monitoring the detail of this fork and will modify the technical solution based on the change induced.

* SpaceChain hardware

The focus of the open-source hardware system is now on porting the Ethereum client to the all-logging H3 platform. Because of the experience accumulation of the QTUM-related project, the Ethereum client port has been completed. Meanwhile, the software development work of the Electrum hardware wallet server is ongoing. The custom server will meet the requirement of the encrypted currency transaction on the satellite communication link.

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