SpaceChain Weekly Report (July 1 to 7)

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng is flying to Japan to attend Space Tide. The tech team is working on the development of the space node batch file processing module. Plus, stand to win SPC tokens in our giveaways.


Already in its fourth year, Space Tide 2019 gathers key space stakeholders, such as start-ups, corporations, government agencies, investors and researchers, to discuss the frontiers of rising space technologies and services.

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng will be among the space entrepreneurs who will congregate in Tokyo, Japan, and provide various perspectives and angles on space becoming a full-fledged business field.

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Blockchain node in space

  • The next generation of space node batch file processing module is under development.
  • The batch file processing module is responsible for counting and analyzing all currently uploaded transaction files. It generates a transaction file processing order and passes the index of the next file that is required to be processed to the signature module.
  • After the batch file processing module is added, the space node can complete the signature task automatically according to the rules without specifying the file. It can also continue to execute the last unfinished task when user starts the system again.
  • The module is currently being tested. It will be incorporated into the space node software upon completion of the test.

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