SpaceChain Weekly Report (July 15 to 21)

Learn more about satellite surveillance and the future in our latest blog inspired from SpaceChain and Tim Draper’s interview.  Last week, we also celebrated Space Exploration Day and shared two new bounty programs. Plus, the tech team has fixed the problem to match the space node dynamic key generation module with the server.


  • Space Exploration Day

The space race began when Sputnik 1 made it to outer space in 1957, humankind has always been enthralled by what lies beyond Earth. Our imagination is the only limitation. Let’s continue to be curious of the unknown. Happy 50th Anniversary to the Apollo 11 mission! 

  • Satellite Surveillance and the Future

Ever since the first orbital satellite photographs of Earth were made on August 14, 1959, by the U.S. Explorer 6, mankind has sought to utilize space-based observations to further their understanding of the world. From the monitoring of rival nation states to the scientific study of the planet, space-based observation has shaped our world in both good and bad ways. Read more here.

  • Win SPC tokens

Win 500 SPC tokens by simply Liking and Retweeting this quote card by Biteeu co-founders Talgat Dossanov and Shukhrat Ibragimov!

Want to receive 2,000 SPC tokens instead? Watch this video and write in the YouTube comment section and tell us why do you think working with other blocks and projects makes sense economically for a blockchain company like SpaceChain? 

Last week’s winners: Congratulations to Rasul Vatsan for winning 500 SPC tokens!

Thank you: We would also like to give a special shoutout to @MD15ev for taking the time to report a bug found on the official website. We are incredibly grateful and have rewarded him with 1500 SPC tokens for his contribution! Though we strive to keep bugs down to a minimum sometimes they sneak through the cracks.



Blockchain node in space

  • The team fixed the problem that space node dynamic key generation module does not match the server.
  • During the debugging process, the team found that the space node had an accidental key generation error.
  • After investigation, it is found that the dependent library responsible for decoding in this module will overflow when processing a specific key seed string, resulting in a completely different dynamic key.
  • The team has now resolved the issue and restarted testing.

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