SpaceChain Weekly Report (July 22 to 28)

We discuss about blockchain governance in another edition of our blog series inspired by the SpaceChain and Tim Draper’s interview. There’s also two new bounty programs. Plus, the tech team has completed the development and debugging of the space node standby communication interface.


  • Blockchain Governance

As humanity looks toward the heavens for future expansion, we will need to pack our bags with a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and all the value transfer protocols and smart contract capabilities we can. As blockchain becomes an increasingly important technology, we will need the space infrastructure to support it as we move out into the solar system. Along with those responsibilities comes the long-term focus of blockchain governance. So what is blockchain governance? Read more here.

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Blockchain node in space

  • The team completed the development and debugging of the space node standby communication interface. 
  • To prevent problems occurring at the space node main communication interface, the team designed an alternate communication interface in case the primary communication interface fails.
  • The alternate communication interface hardware adopts the RS422 interface, and then converted into a USB and connecting to the platform through a dedicated connection cable.
  • On the software side, the alternate communication interface uses the PPP protocol. The server is started by the space node, and then connected to the space node to establish a point-to-point connection via the platform. Finally, it is logged in to the space node operation service software through ssh.
  • The team has completed the migration of the alternate communication interface dependent software, the development of the connection function module, and the functional test of the alternate communication interface in the simulated scenario.

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