SpaceChain Weekly Report (July 30 to Aug 5)


● Don Tapscott, a world-renowned author and blockchain expert, has joined SpaceChain’s Board of Advisors. Read the full announcement here: https://spacechain.comnews/desc?id=53

Here are just some of the media outlets that picked up our distributed press release of this announcement:

○ Yahoo! Finance —

○ Markets Insider —

○ MarketWatch —

○ The Washington Business Journal —

Here’s Don Tapscott’s tweet about us:

● On Aug 1, we held an AMA for the community in our English Telegram Group with our co-founder Zheng Zuo and Chief Marketing Officer Eric Desatnik. Topics in the conversation covered everything from marketing strategies and community activities to technology and business operations. If you missed it, look out for our compilation of the questions and answers later this week.

● SpaceChain proudly contributed to the Chamber of Digital Commerce Token Alliance comprehensive report that outlines guidelines to shape the responsible growth of token and ICO ecosystems. Read the report compiled from months of research by the world’s leading blockchain experts for token investors, policymakers and innovators.

● From July 30 to Aug 1, our co-founder — Zheng Zuo, Chief Marketing Officer — Eric Desatnik, and Director of Community — Joseph Wang, attended the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Biannual Chamber Leadership and Strategy Meeting in Chicago. Zheng Zuo also attended the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Fourth Anniversary Celebration and met with Buzz Aldrin. Can you spot Zheng Zuo in these pictures?


● Blockchain space node hardware has been shipped

The team is currently testing the single peripheral’s functions and operating system.

● Spacechain node software upgrade

Single signature functionality has been established and the team is currently working on multi-signature functionality.

● SpaceChain OS

This week, the team has completed all editing and translation for the open-source documentation for SpaceChain OS on GitHub. Now, developers have the option of viewing this documentation in either Chinese or English.

Developers can now visit: to view these completed documents — here’s a preview:

● H3 Development Board

The team has completed the functional code for transmission of blockchain information. Additionally, the team is also working on the software library for necessary peripherals.

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