SpaceChain Weekly Report (June 10 to 16)

Exciting news abound this week. Global virtual currency exchange Biteeu partners with SpaceChain to back up its data on our space node. Co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng answer some of the community’s questions. Additionally, our tech team is working on migrating the space node transport layer to Ethernet.


The announcement of Biteeu signing a partnership with SpaceChain marks a new era in data security and protection. The ever-increasing threat of hacking breach pushes virtual currency exchange Biteeu to back up its data through SpaceChain’s blockchain-based space nodes. This partnership is seen as a huge step for both the cryptocurrency and space industries and sets new standards for other players in the market.


While at the Token Summit in New York in May, co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng did a video to answer a few of the questions from the community.

In this Ask-Me-Anything video, Jeff and Zee covered everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum integration, updates on GitHub, SpaceChain CubeSats, the future of space economy, tokenomics and more!



Blockchain node in space

  • The team is moving the transport layer of the software code on the space node to Ethereum
  • The transmission layer of the on-satellite software is replaced by the Ethernet transmission mode, including data transmission and modification of the instruction triggering mode. Thus, making it suitable for other high data bandwidth transmission applications.
  • The team is also reconfiguring the other logical layers of the on-satellite code to improve modularization, thus providing great convenience for the future modification of a single logical layer correspondence protocol.
  • The reconfiguration of the current code is in progress.

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