SpaceChain Weekly Report (June 24 to 30)

CEO Zee Zheng attends the Start-up Networking Session in Singapore, while Biteeu Exchange co-founders discuss partnership with SpaceChain. The tech team combs the interaction process of the space node secure payment service. Plus, stand to win SPC tokens in our giveaways.


(From left) The discussion was moderated by director and founder of Aliena. The panel included co-founder of SpaceIL Yonatan Winetraub, CTO and co-founder of Transcelestial Technologies Mohammed Danesh, director of Business Unit and Advanced Incubation Centre at Flex Seetharaman Babu, and president of SSTA Jonathan Hung.


  • Start-up Networking Session

On June 27, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng participated in the Start-up Networking Session in Singapore. It was organized by Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), SpaceIL and Flex.

During the event, a panel of space leaders discussed the obstacles space start-ups usually face and how to overcome them.

  • Interview with Biteeu

Zee chats with Biteeu co-founders Talgat Dossanov and Shukhrat Ibragimov about the story behind their virtually currency exchange and why it was important to take time in creating a completely reliable exchange.

The co-founders also discussed the future of space in Kazakhstan and what the partnership with SpaceChain means for the industry.

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Blockchain node in space

The team combed the interaction process of the space node secure payment service which included:

  • Creating a wallet through the client
  • Initiating a transaction
  • Cancelling the transaction
  • Entering the confirmation password by the server administrator
  • Uploading the transaction file
  • Downloading the signature result file
  • Connecting to the space node by the ground station administrator
  • Posting the transaction file
  • Starting the space node signature task
  • Transmitting the message
  • Signing the result file

The entire interaction details of the grooming process can optimize the interaction design of the solution, and further refine and confirm the service design requirements.

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