SpaceChain Weekly Report (March 11 to 17)

Read more about SpaceChain’s latest partnerships and the development of the next generation of space node software.


SpaceChain has partnered with SpacePharma to explore placing blockchain payloads on their satellites. This helps expand blockchain space applications into space testing and provides data security for space trials as well as collaborative experiments among multiple platforms.

Both parties are also discussing developing space-based test-related applications based on SpaceChain OS to explore the multi-functional applications of satellites.

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SpacePharma’s DIDO nanosatellite (SpacePharma)

SpacePharma’s DIDO nanosatellite (SpacePharma)

SpaceChain has also partnered with Open Comos to work together towards establishing a global satellite-based blockchain service. Open Cosmos offers a microsatellite platform designed to manage the entire process of bringing satellite services to businesses.

Open Cosmos’ vision is a world empowered by actionable information from space. It aims to make space accessible to anyone, to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Find out more here.


Check out this video about SpaceChain by Digit-All Crypto.


Blockchain node in space

The team continues developing the software for the satellites and other nodes in the link system. The software development of the OBC analog node and the ground server communication analog node are progressing smoothly. However, there is a problem within the satellites’ software development environment configuration script, and the team is investigating the problem. The team will perform the first link joint test after each node completes the prototype development.

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