SpaceChain Weekly Report (March 18 to 24)

Last week, CEO Zee Zheng was at Money Asia 20/20 meeting the most innovative and top Asian fintech players, and our tech team continues developing the new version of the space node.


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CEO Zee Zheng attended the Money Asia 20/20 held from March 19 to 21 in Singapore. The event gathers the world’s senior leaders across payments, financial services and fintech together to network and discuss the developments shaping the future of money in Asia. It was a great opportunity for SpaceChain as Zee connected with other experts and discussed the factors shaping blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the growth of tokenization.


Blockchain node in space

This week, our team continues developing the on-board software and other nodes in the link. Currently, the development of the on-board software and the prototype of OBC simulation software have been finished, and the first joint test will be performed after the overall preparation work is ready. We will resolve any problem that emerges, and the communication protocol, security mechanism, and retransmission strategy of the on-board software will be modified based on the test result.

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