SpaceChain Weekly Report (March 4 to 10)

Find out what the team has been up to in their travels to US & UK. Plus, the tech team has started on the new generation of the space node on-board coding and finished the basic development work on Electrum’s hardware wallet.


Zee Zheng together with Tom Wilkinshaw, CEO of Alba Orbital.

Zee Zheng together with Tom Wilkinshaw, CEO of Alba Orbital.

CEO Zee Zheng was in UK and met up with the team from Alba Orbital. They shared with him their products and services as well as their latest hardware.

From March 6 to 7, Zee also attended the DC Blockchain Summit in Washington, DC. Organized by the Chamber of Digital Commerce in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for financial markets and policy, the annual event advocates the future of blockchain with discussions on key policy issues that impact the industry. Topics included Patrolling the block: token regulation in the United States, and A token journey: From ICO to STOs and Beyond.

Perianne Boring, Founder and President of Chamber of Digital Commerce, enjoying a fireside chat with Hester Peirce, Commission of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Blockchain node in space

We have started development of the new generation of the space node on-board code. This mission takes the Electrum multi-signature wallet as the core of the business. The team is working on the migration of on-board software dependencies and the details of the communication protocol. After the work is completed, the team will conduct business software development and joint testing.

SpaceChain hardware  

The Electrum account creation page has been added to the hardware wallet project. The user manual and documentation have also been improved, and the basic development work based on Electrum’s hardware wallet is now completed.

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