SpaceChain Weekly Report (May 13 to 19)

The co-founders continue to evangelize SpaceChain at various events while the tech team is working on the development of the communication encryption layer for the space node.


Space Symposium 2019

Find out what went on during the Space Symposium 2019. In this video, CEO Zee Zheng takes us around the exhibition and talks to some of the exhibitors. Plus, catch his interview with SpaceChain advisor Jeffrey Manber from NanoRacks (time: 6:46).  Remember to share, like and comment!

Space Forum 2019

On May 21, Zee is delivering a keynote at Space Forum 2019 in Luxembourg. His presentation is on innovation and entrepreneurship in space, including the role of blockchain in the NewSpace industry. He will also be sharing with the audience about SpaceChain and its latest progress.

Space Forum is a conference based on the impact of space technologies on the earth’s businesses. It gathers European Space Clusters & Tech Valley representatives, Space business angels, satellites operators, satellite industry suppliers etc. and gives the opportunity to discuss different key topics including: Financing, technology, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, exploration, the conquest of space as well as space mining.

Events in the U.S.

For the past week, co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee were in the U.S. attending various events such as  Consensus (from May 13 to 15). Held annually, the global conference convenes blockchain and cryptocurrency industry participants, from enterprise consortia to cypher punks, together to explore, collaborate and debate the future of blockchain and crypto.

And, on May 16, they visited the Token Summit IV– a conference in New York that addresses issues of the token-based economy. Already in its fourth year, the Token Summit series continues its discussions about the economics, development, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets.

Since the duo were together, we took the opportunity to get them to answer some of the community’s questions via a video recording. We’ll share the video when it’s ready. In the meantime, check out these pictures from the events.

Zee with Chamber of Digital Commerce’s founder Perianne Boring and Director of Member Services Dan Spuller.

Zee with Ron Paul, the former congressman from Texas.



Blockchain node in space

  • The team has completed the basic development of the encryption layer of the space node communication.
  • After the encryption layer is introduced, the on-satellite software logic layer encrypts the transmission content through the encryption layer and then delivers it to the transport layer.
  • When receiving data, after obtaining the complete data packet of the transport layer, the content is decrypted through the encryption layer.
  • If the decryption is successful, it is then handed to the logic layer for processing. But, if the decryption fails, it is directly discarded.
  • By introducing an encryption layer, a reliable connection that can identity identification is established between the server and the space node.
  • The team continues working on the development of the dynamic encryption key generation function so that the encryption key

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