SpaceChain Weekly Report (May 20 to 26)

Last week, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng gave a keynote at the Space Forum in Luxembourg. Plus, check the updates from the tech team as they made some modifications to the new generation space node communication protocol.



SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng attended the Space Forum 2019 in Luxembourg from May 21 to 22 and delivered a keynote on Decentralized infrastructure: Blockchain application in space.

Space Forum is a conference based on the impact of space technologies on the earth’s businesses. It gathers European Space Clusters & Tech Valley representatives, Space business angels, satellites operators, satellite industry suppliers etc. and gives the opportunity to discuss different key topics including: Financing, technology, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, exploration, the conquest of space as well as space mining.

“There were so many space professionals from all over the world gathered here. I’m glad I had the opportunity to share with them more about blockchain’s role in the New Space industry and how SpaceChain is at the forefront of this innovation. After my speech, I received a lot of interest from many people, and I look forward to talking to more space companies about how they can integrate blockchain with their business,” said Zee.


Blockchain node in space

  • The team has modified the communication protocol of the space node.
  • The original single transaction operation is modified into a batch transaction operation. A corresponding certificate is generated for each batch of transaction files in combination with the previous encryption mechanism. This is done to verify the transaction source.
  • To achieve decentralization, the team modified the overall service architecture to a multi-server distributed model.
  • The node assigns a corresponding ID to each server to distinguish transactions sent by different servers.
  • Each server is assigned a different encryption key and satellite public key to isolate them for additional security. The ID will be verified as part of each batch of transaction data certificate along with other fields before each signature operation.

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