SpaceChain Weekly Report (May 27 to June 2)

There are lots of SpaceChain videos to watch this week, including CEO Zee Zheng’s interview with Tim Draper and Ethfinex community lead. In addition, the tech team is working on troubleshooting the space node random encryption key.


Earlier in May, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng visited his alma mater where it all began. Established in 2012, Draper University is Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurship program founded by Tim Draper. The school is lauded for its unconventional teaching style and prides itself on the 280+ successful startups it has produced to date.    

Zee also attended the Spring 2019 Pitch Day at Draper University. The event saw more than 200 guests, including investors, mentors and 60 startups from over 24 countries, gathering together to network and share their pitches. 

“This year, the pitches featured a lot of VR/AR, ride-sharing outside of the US and education projects. Overall, this batch seems to be quite focused on AI and blockchain technology,” said Zee, who is a Draper University alumnus.

While he was there, Zee also visited Hero City at Draper University, which is a co-working community promoting creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship. So, if you’re thinking of building, launching and scaling your company, Hero City is the place to be. This is also where Tim Draper’s office is located at.

Check out the video of Zee giving us a tour of Draper University and Hero City.

Zee also had the chance to catch up with SpaceChain advisor Tim Draper at Hero City. He shared with him about the projects latest progress and chatted with him about the commercial space industry. Be sure to watch SpaceChain’s exclusive interview with Tim Draper below.

Last week, Community Lead of Ethfinex Ben Wilson sat down with Zee for a quick conversation touching on everything from the how and why behind SpaceChain to the vision for a blockchain enhanced space industry. Watch the interview below.


Blockchain node in space

  • The space node uses a dynamically changing OTP password as the key to data encryption when interacting with the server.
  • The team found that the encoding format did not match when the key seed is generated by the random key generation module, resulting in the failure when generating the OTP password.
  • The team is currently troubleshooting the module code. After the problem is resolved, the team will continue to unit test the data encryption layer.

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