SpaceChain Weekly Report (May 6 to 12)

The development of the new generation space node on-track key seed generation function is completed! Plus, check out the AMA interviews of CEO Zee Zheng on YouTube.


The final video of our 5-part series – Introducing SpaceChain – is ready! In this video, CEO Zee Zheng shares about what lies ahead for SpaceChain and the direction the project is heading towards.

Catch Satoshi Sean’s interview with Zee! the duo talk about everything from SpaceChain’s progress to the space industry and how space and blockchain can benefit from each other.

Check out Digit_All’s live AMA video with Zee. Learn more about SpaceChain’s technology, business operations and the future of blockchain + space. Be sure to Like, Share and Comment! Plus, have a read at the blog they wrote about Qtum & SpaceChain.

While in Washington D.C., Zee shared with us this cool picture of the Moon Lander at the National Air and Space Museum. “It is incredible to see so many children getting inspired here. Space education is key to our future,” he said.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our community.



Blockchain node in space

  • This team has completed the development of the space node on-track seed key generation function, including the design of the relevant telemetry remote command and the code of the function implementation.
  • After the function module is added, the space node can generate the key seed and its corresponding master public key in batches when it receives the seed generation command.
  • When the space node receives the command from the master public key, it will send all the master public keys and their indexes to the OBC in the specified format.
  • Presently, the corresponding test module in the OBC simulation software is still under development.
  • The team will continue testing the space node software with the seed generation module after the development is completed.

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