SpaceChain Weekly Report (November 18 to 24)

CEO Zee Zheng is in Bangkok, Thailand, for events while the technical team added a couple of features to the server.


APSCC Satellite Conference and Exhibition

On Nov 21, CEO Zee Zheng attended the Satellite Conference and Exhibition, organized by the APSCC. The executive event brought together industry leaders to gain market insight, strike new partnerships and conclude business deals. Zee had the opportunity to share about his expertise in blockchain and satellites, how the two can come together to solve various issues and how they can affect the industry and businesses.

“We are very glad to see there is increasing awareness of the potential applications of blockchain in space industry. I got great feedback from the audience after sharing use cases we are working on for the integration,” said Zee Zheng.


APSCC-ISU Youth Development Workshop

Zee was also invited to the APSCC-ISU Youth Development Workshop, a platform for the brightest engineering students to connect with leading satellite and space industry experts to learn more about the opportunities the satellite and space sector can offer. Zee had the chance to speak to dozens of students who are interested in a career in the industry and discuss the use of satellite delivered services in planning future telecommunication infrastructure.


Fortune Times interview

Zee sat down for an interview with Fortune times, where he talked about the inspiration behind SpaceChain, and how the funding by the European Space Agency (ESA) has propelled the company on a global scale, which is set to further identify and develop commercial use cases for its satellite blockchain technology and address pertinent issues faced by the financial technology industry. Read the full article here.



New features added to SpaceChain server

This week, our technical team modified various details of the SpaceChain Server. The details are shown below:

This week, our technical team added several new features to SPC server:

  1. Added an encryption mechanism to API port during the process of user registration. As such, the data transfer between clients and server is more secure.
  2. Corporate customers can now pay the registration fees with ETH.

We have completed tests of these new features. We will perform the overall transaction process next week.   


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