SpaceChain Weekly Report (Nov 19 to 25)

This week we have news about SpaceChain’s new partnership with Satellite Applications Catapult, the CEO’s AMA with BlockDaily, and weekly technical updates.


  • SpaceChain has partnered with Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC), an independent innovation and technology company created by Innovate UK, to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space. Read more here.


Blockchain node in space 

  • Testing complete on the multi-signature version of space node client
    In order to form a comprehensive service plan for the space node, our team has developed a multi-signature version of the space node client. This version is specifically intended for multi-signature services on the satellite, which adds the following additional functionality: fixed account emails, producing addresses for satellite multi-signature wallets, starting the satellite multi-signature trade and applying for verification of passwords via signature, etc. After registering the multi-signature account on the service website, users are able to begin the multi-signature trade process and submit the application for satellite signature. The background program will forward the application to the earth station after receiving the application and will proceed to verify the user’s identification.

    Our team will now perform a service load test and complete the manual. The code and release version of the client will be released when the multi-signature service is online.

SpaceChain Hardware 

The SpaceChain H3 development board documentation has been edited and revamped this week.

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