SpaceChain Weekly Report (November 25 to December 1)

SpaceChain is getting ready for the third launch in Florida, US. Meanwhile, the technical team completes more tests on the modified SPC server on AWS.


SpaceChain is sending a payload to the International Space Station

Earlier this week, we announced that we will be launching our next payload in December aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and heading to the International Space Station. The SpaceChain team will be in attendance in Florida, where the launch itself will take place from the Kennedy Space Center.

We will be updating the latest news and developments on our social channels, so in the meantime while you wait, stand a chance to win some SpaceChain swag by participating in our giveaway!


Interesting things to know about the launch – the ISS and the Falcon 9 rocket

Let us take a look at the object in space where our space node will be installed in. This technological marvel was constructed in 1998 with unprecedented cooperation from space agencies and governments of multiple countries. Made up of a complex of modules that includes laboratories, observation areas and a gymnasium, it circles the Earth nearly 16 times a day at an altitude of more than 300km. Want to know more? Check out our easily digestible infographic below!


Furthermore, how well do you know the launch vehicle that will be heading to the ISS? The Falcon 9 rocket is an orbital rocket developed by SpaceX, a privately funded company founded by Elon Mask with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

In this article, we shared 5 interesting facts about the Falcon 9 rocket and dive deeper into how the Falcon launch vehicle family came about.


Luxembourg Space Agency

SpaceChain COO and UK Director Nick Trudgen visited the Luxembourg Space Agency to learn more about the NewSpace ecosystem in Luxembourg. He is particularly interested in developments of Luxembourg’s space law framework and the creation of the new Space Resources Innovation Center.


A look back in time

Read up on SpaceChain’s journey so far, and what’s to come in our journey to build the world’s first open-source blockchain-based satellite network.


What’s next

In the upcoming weeks, we will be having a host of exciting events and milestones in 2020. To stay up to date with our current happenings, do subscribe to our newsletter!



Completed the testing of the SPC server

This week, our technical team deployed the modified SPC server to AWS. We finished drafting the relevant testing documents. We also performed tests of the modified SPC server using our back-up space node board.

Our technical team is working on the software issues during the tests and improved the user-unfriendly parts. We are discussing the possible solutions and conducting relevant optimization.


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