SpaceChain Weekly Report (Nov 26 to Dec 2)

Our team continues to work hard to enhance our technology, while our CMO Eric Desatnik hosted a panel at NewSpace Europe in Luxembourg. Be sure to check out our updated FAQ section as well as our AMA blog.


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  • From Nov 27 to 28, SpaceChain CMO, Eric Desatnik, attended NewSpace Europe 2018 in Luxembourg City. Organized by the Luxembourg Space Agency, the annual space conference in Europe focuses on the NewSpace industry and the economic opportunity of space.

This year, the theme of the conference is Breaking Barriers. It highlights the ways current barriers are overcome in launch, remote sensing, space-based economy, investment and communications. Over the two days, participants attended conference sessions and networked with people from diverse markets that are shaping and leading the newspace industry.

Eric was part of the moderating panel on Earth Observation/Data Analysis. Other panelists included Alison Lowndes from NVIDIA, Matti Ekdahl from ICEYE, Antoni Hernandez Bonet from Kleos Space and Yasunori Yamazaki from Axelspace.

The panel discussed the newspace industry, new business opportunities, and how the private industry could now do things that were only limited to governments previously.

“It was interesting to hear the panel’s thoughts about how advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain could support the industry. What’s more, earth observation data has all kinds of new applications and use cases now,” said Eric.

Photos: Marie De Decker


  • Blockchain node in space 

  • Website for Blockchain Node Signature Experiment.

    We finished the design and UI of the Blockchain Node Signature experiment website. This website is designed to simulate the process of creating an account, acquiring a public key for the space blockchain node address, and retrieving passwords in a multi-user environment. After we finish development of this website, it’ll be primarily used for verifying the data link between the space node signatures and user load capability.

    The customized client is also in the final stages of verification, testing and packaging. After these are complete, we’ll be releasing a small number of space node signature accounts that will be offered to those participating in this experiment. Stay tuned for more news.

  • SpaceChain Hardware 

  • The team compiled and added a detailed manual document regarding specific use case processes on the QTUM client in the embedded Linux environment. We will be continuing to add supporting materials on this topic for developers.

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