SpaceChain Weekly Report (November 4 to 10)

Meet our new executive team member, Alessandra! The team also attended two events in Singapore while the technical team is conducting tests to mitigate potential safety issues.


New Executive Team Member


With more than a decade of experience in operations and marketing, Alessandra Albano has come on board as SpaceChain’s Director of Operations. She will be spearheading SpaceChain’s global operations and strategy, and will lead our ecosystem growth. Read more here.



How to grow a Unicorn: The UK Tech Perspective



Last Wednesday, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng and Director of Operations Alessandra Albano attended How to grow a Unicorn: The UK Tech Perspective. Organized by Department for International Trade and Tech Nation, the event gathered the local tech community to share their journey and their challenges in Singapore’s tech landscape.

CEO Gerard Grech of Tech Nation discussed how the UK‘s vibrant tech landscape and ecosystem has nurtured more tech unicorns than any other country, behind the US and China. He also shared key statistics on tech investments flowing into the UK, and why cross-border developer collaboration underpins innovation.

Developers are making use of digital platforms such as GitHub for online collaborations, with DevOps being the most active topic.

Tech Nation have been providing annual reports that capture the strength, depth and breadth of digital tech activity in the UK since 2015. They aim to help develop and understanding of vibrant digital tech landscape in the UK and continues to map the evolution of the UK tech sector.


Hello Tomorrow Singapore



On Thursday, Alessandra also attended the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit. The event offers a platform for leading scientists, thought and business leaders to share how the latest technological developments can impact industry, society and humanity.

It was an insightful session to hear the speakers discuss about these tech developments for the Asian perspective.


Telegram AMA

We will be hosting an AMA session on Telegram on 14 November, 0900 UTC +0, so if you have any questions you would like to ask Zee & Xiang Ziheng, submit your questions through Twitter or Telegram!



Blockchain node in space

  • SpaceChain Server Optimization

The technical team has conducted various tests after migrating the server to AWS. They did not find any issues after the migration. Inspections included:

  1. Reaffirming the architecture design and details of the server.
  2. Redefining the details of user interface in a clearer manner.
  3. Analyzing potential safety issues in the architecture.

The technical team is currently addressing those potential safety issues.


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