SpaceChain Weekly Report (Oct 15 to 21)


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  • From Oct 15 to 19, CEO Zheng Zuo was in Seattle attending the Executive Space Course by International Space University (ISU). Held at The Museum of Flight, a private non-profit air and space museum in the US, the course introduced participants to sector specific and global space initiatives so they could better understand the different facets of the space sector. In addition to learning more about core engineering and technical concepts, students also gained insights into the traditional space markets, and the new and growing commercial sector. Here are some highlights from Zee at the course.

A visit to the Blue Origin office in Seattle. Super cool.

Meeting Korea’s first astronaut Dr Soyeon Yi at the International Space University event where she shared with the ISU class about her experiences in the International Space Station and how she loves inspiring the next generation to be more involved in space, engineering and science.



  • Blockchain node in space

The ground function test systems of the blockchain node in space are nearing completion.

  • SpaceChain OS 

Last week we resolved the issue with the client synchronization process not starting properly. This week, we’ve continued to troubleshoot the larger issue at hand; the client synchronization process as a whole. There is a specific issue we’re working on where the client will exit abnormally when the number of non-synchronous blocks reaches 300,000 in the SpaceChain OS virtual machine environment. We’ve come up with two main reasons as to why this could be occurring:

  1. .There’s insufficient memory space in the virtual machine environment.
  2. The difference in environment parameters causes the client source code to generate abnormal judgments about exiting.

We’ll continue to work on this issue and complete the next migration as planned.

  • SpaceChain Hardware

This week we completed the “Quick Start” documentation for the SpaceChain OS based hardware full node wallet. We’ve also completed parts of the source code and have uploaded this to the official SpaceChain GitHub. The files are quite large so if you’re interested in a complete file, please leave a message on our GitHub page.

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