SpaceChain Weekly Report (Oct 22 to 28)


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  • Did you know that more and more space companies are taking advantage of blockchain technology? SpaceChain is one of them. Read more here.
  • Check out these five interesting facts about blockchain technology that SpaceChain is included in.
  • Thanks to “How to Survive in Space” for writing an article about us. Read the article here.


SpaceChain OS 

  • Submission of our Ethereum client on the embedded system.
    This week our software team submitted a demo version of the Ethereum client that can be used on ARM architecture embedded devices. It can run the basic processes of an Ethereum client, and users will be able to connect and control the client through another PC. This is also how we are currently testing this demo client.

SpaceChain Hardware

  • This week we’ve reorganized the SpaceChain OS based hardware full-node wallet project documentation and have added more detail.

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