SpaceChain Weekly Report (October 28 to Nov 3)

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng attends a CubeSat workshop hosted by Astropreneurs HUB while the technical team completes the SpaceChain server migration to Amazon Web Services.



SpaceChain attends CubeSat workshop

On Nov 2, CEO Zee Zheng attended a CubeSat Workshop to learn more about the uses of the space system and get hands-on experience assembling his own CubeSat from a kit. He had to implement scripted code to integrate the satellite components and program an interface so that he could send images from his CubeSat to the “mission control centre.”

“This workshop is fantastic for people who are not expert programmers, as everybody managed to get the system up and running. We handled CubeSats and it was great to work on them individually. The CubeSats had camera payloads and it was awesome to go through the simulated launch, deployment, and seeing the various pictures that my satellite would have captured in space,” said Zee.



The workshop was organized by Astropreneurs HUB, which is founded by Dr. Bidushi, an ex-NASA scientist-turned-astropreneur. Astropreneurs HUB is a Singapore and US-based start-up dedicated to space workforce development through software solutions and sector-related training.

Telegram AMA

We will be hosting an AMA session on telegram soon, so if you have any questions you would like to ask Zee, hit us up on Twitter or Telegram!



Blockchain node in space

This week, the technical team has completed the SpaceChain server migration from the local testing environment to the AWS. There are currently four servers:

  1. C Client FTP server: for the data exchange between SPC server and client server
  2. SPC server: for receiving and aggregating the transaction data from multiple clients, and adding verifications to those transactions
  3. Ground-station server: for the data exchange between SPC server and satellite ground station
  4. Official homepage server: for client account registration and payment

The technical team is currently testing the functions of these servers.


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