SpaceChain Weekly Report (Oct 29 to Nov 4)


  • From Oct 28 to Nov 3, Coindelta organized in association with SpaceChain a trading competition on its platform and gave away 500,000 SPC tokens. The competition was open to all users who registered with Coindelta and the participants among top 100 rank were declared as the “winners” of the competition. More details here.


SpaceChain OS 

  • This week the team conducted a data synchronization test on the first of the Ethereum client that was submitted last week. After patching the previous synchronization issue, the client’s synchronization function has returned to normal.

    Currently, the block data size of the Ethereum main chain is about 100GB and requires you to verify the block data during synchronization. This process places certain minimum requirements on the device. The processing capacity of the embedded device is relatively high, but it’s still difficult to complete data synchronization and verification in a manner that we are satisfied with.

    We are in the midst of deciding whether we want to address the issue by relying less on the amount of synchronous data in the Ethereum client, or, if we can find a new way to quickly import the block data.

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