SpaceChain Weekly Report (Sept 17 to 23)


SpaceChain has adopted a dual token model – ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to support its development network. The QRC-20 SPC token and ERC-20 SPC token have a 1:1 swap exchange rate. If you missed the swap on the exchanges, you have the option to perform the swap yourself via the QBao Wallet.  You’ll find the instructions below. For enquiries, email




Plus, learn more about what we’re doing in our updated white paper:

Want to better understand our technology? Read our technical white paper here:

  • We have a new SpaceChain video. We think it’s pretty cool!
  • From Sept 19 to 20, our co-founder Zheng Zuo attended Consensus Singapore, which drew a crowd of more than 8,000 people from all over the world. It was an inspiring event for many as they could participate in with talks and workshops by over 75 speakers. Attendees also gained deeper industry insights, discovered more about the latest trends and enjoyed numerous cross-industry networking opportunities.
Zheng Zuo with Matt Roszak in Singapore.
  • From Sept 19 to 21, co-founder Jeff Garzik and the SpaceChain Marketing team attended the Nexus Conference 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to giving an inspiring presentation, Jeff announced SpaceChain’s partnership with Nexus. SpaceChain will also be joining Nexus, Vector and Bitspace in forming an alliance.

The Nexus Conference gathers visionary business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore and collaborate on the future of blockchain technology. Throughout those three days, attendees learned more about emerging technologies and had many networking opportunities across various industries.


Blockchain node in space

  • Repaired the SPC-NODE-003 backup board memory chip

This week we finished swapping out the chip on our SPC-NODE-003 that had some issues during acceptance testing. The software team has re-tested the storage capacity, the recognition ability of the OS, data reading and writing functionality in bare metal and operating system environments, and file system functionality within SpaceChain OS. All of these functions have returned normal results so far.

  • Working through the RS422 hardware issue

Our team has conducted a review this week regarding an issue on the RS422 card.  The issue seems to be stemming from a frontend level conversion chip that can’t be enabled.  The two pins on that chip are controlled by a single GPIO, which is composed of FPGA logic. Currently, the two pins on the GPIO can’t output the voltage specified by the chip pins, which is causing the front-end level conversion chip to be disabled. We’ll be doing a couple things to rectify the issues at hand. First, the hardware team will swap out the conversion chip to verify whether the chip itself that is causing the issue or not. Second, we’ll also be checking whether the pins are intact, to rule out hardware issues. Additionally, the software and FPGA engineers are going to review the logic code and configuration of the GPIO to rule out software issues.

SpaceChain Hardware 

  • H3 development board

We’ve built a development stage hardware wallet based on our H3 development card and SpaceChain OS. We wanted this to serve as an example of projects and applications that you’ll be able to build yourself with our board.  This week, we’ve made progress on debugging and optimizing the functionality of this example with a new version of the code and we’ll be continuing to be on the lookout for any potential issues moving forward.

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