SpaceChain Weekly Report (Sept 24 to 30)


SpaceChain has adopted a dual token model – ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to support its development network. The QRC-20 SPC token and ERC-20 SPC token have a 1:1 swap exchange rate. The official switchover process from QRC-20 SPC to ERC-20 SPC began on September 14th (11:59 AM, UTC+8) and ended on September 17th (11:59 AM, UTC+8), on the exchanges CoinEgg, Coinnest and EXX. If you missed the swap on the exchanges, you have the option to perform the swap yourself via QBao Wallet. For more details about the official swap information,


  • SpaceChain has partnered with Nexus and appointed its Co-Founder and CTO, Jeff Garzik, to Nexus’ Advisory Committee. Nexus is an innovative open-source blockchain technology and digital currency designed to improve the world through advanced peer-to-peer networks. Nexus focuses on solving the current challenges of speed and scalability in the blockchain industry and provides world-class quantum resistance through its many innovations. Read more about the partnership here:


Blockchain node in space

  • RS422 interface issue resolved

This week we resolved the interface configuration issues with the RS422 sample card. The issue stemmed from an execution order on the sample card.The positive sample card set the startup method to Qflash start by default, therefore switching on the Bootloader and operating system as well. When debugging the hardware online, the FPGA needs to be configured and the configuration application needs to be downloaded to storage, which is time-consuming. During the download, the sample card will automatically run the Qflash Bootloader after it is powered on. This results in a conflict and the application can’t be run normally. The board is set to Jtag mode by the jumper of the startup mode. After the board is powered on, the debugger is executed after all the FPGAs are configured, and the execution order conflict  was resolved.

SpaceChain Hardware

  • H3 development board

After several months of development, the software system based on SpaceChain OS and the hardware development board based on H3 has been completed. In the meantime, our team has provided developers with more development examples. We’ve finished development and debugging on the full node wallet project based on H3. After we finish testing the application security, we’ll file the technical documents and they’ll be available on Github.

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