SpaceChain Weekly Report (Sept 3 to 9)


● We have joined Blockchain Research Institute as one of its Blockchain Pioneer members. The institute is co-founded by Don Tapscott, world-renowned author and blockchain expert, and his son Alex Tapscott. Read more about it here.


Blockchain node in space

  • Backup hardware has been returned to manufacturer for repair

We solved the Nandflash hardware issue on the SpaceNode 003 board that we encountered last week. The replacement and testing process is expected to take about two weeks.

  • First version of software has been approved

The software needs to be verified before the delivery date.This week, the team accepted and sorted the first batch of software packages. Due to the hardware changes in the later stage, the software source code, test cases and documents will be divided into the initial sample and the formal sample hardware platform for acceptance testing and documentation. Currently, the problems discovered have been categorized and subsequent iterations have been updated.

SpaceChain OS

  • QuickStart documents updated

This document details the update that adds the specific steps of the Qtum node block data storage operation on the virtual machine. At the same time, the content is fine-tuned based on the feedback received recently. The documentation will be completed in the near future and will be posted on github after it has been translated.

SpaceChain Hardware

  • H3 development board

This week, the SpaceChain OS-based H3 development board project entered the software testing phase. The current version was introduced to the internal team, and the core functions of the wallet were implemented. Some functional defects and software bugs have been discovered during the test and are now being repaired. The updated version is expected to be available in one week and testing will begin then.

SpaceChain AMA Telegram — Sept 17, 2018

The total sum of QRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens is 1 billion. I think the circulation should be controlled by the foundation. To show trust to investors, could you share the foundation’s wallet address so that the investors can see the current QRC-20 to ERC-20 ratios of the SPC token. In other words, we’d like to know the total SPC circulation and ratio of QRC and ERC at any given time

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SpaceChain Weekly Report (Sept 10 to 16)

This week, we have an announcement about our adoption of a dual token model (ERC-20 and QRC-20), details about our involvement with the Blockchain Research Institute, details about our attendance at the UpBit Developer Conference in Jeju, and our weekly technical progress report.

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How to swap your SPC tokens from QRC-20 to ERC-20

SpaceChain has adopted a dual token model – ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to expand our footprint and engage with additional communities of developers. The QRC-20 SPC token and ERC-20 SPC token will have a 1:1 swap exchange rate. The token supply that will be circulating will remain at 1,000,000,000 SPC.

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