SpaceChain Weekly Report (September 2 to 8)

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng attends PhiWeek Bootcamp in Rome while the SpaceChain UK website is launched. Plus, the tech team has modified the space node uplink data communication protocol.





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SpaceChain CEo Zee Zheng presented at the PhiWeek Bootcamp in Rome. PhiWeek Bootcamp was hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA). It was an intensive 5-day event, which guided innovators through the design sprint process, answering critical questions in the design, prototyping, and testing ideas relating to Earth Observation.


In line with our expansion, particularly in Europe, we have just launched our SpaceChain UK website!





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    • The team modified the SpaceNode uplink data communication protocol.
    • The modified communication protocol integrates the data into two parts: an uplink data file and a data verification file.
    • The uplink data file includes three data segments: a request reservation result list, a transaction data list, and a remote control instruction list.
    • The data verification file contains the uplink data verification and the signature verification of the data by the SPC server.
    • The modification of the communication protocol is mainly based on two considerations. 
    • First being the validity of the space node transaction data validation mechanism: there is a requirement for the order of transaction processing.
    • The unified uploading of all transaction data in a single batch can avoid the loss of user transactions caused by missed transmissions and wrong transmissions by ground station personnel.
    • Secondly, by adding a checksum signature mechanism, transaction data and remote control commands issued by the SPC server can be prevented from being illegally modified.

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